About me

Do you want to be delivered to the mercy of the emotions of your boss let alone your own’s? And what about “gut feeling” and “flow” with which successful people take the right decisions super fast?
What is the secret of EI and how come so much people want to know more of it and want to use it better to become mores successful in their professional and private life?

I share with groups the insights of Daniel Goleman about EI and show them how they can use these to make a difference in their personal and professional life. By the time I’m done, they are so excited and so committed to the idea of making a difference at home and at work that I usually get a standing ovation.

I started to be interested in Emotional Intelligence by the time Daniel Goleman wrote his first major book, Emotional Intelligence.

At that moment I was still worlking as an employee, willing to implement the insights I got from Daniel. Years later (in 2000) my career got an emotional intelligent ( 😉 ) turn, because I started to do the activity I really adored, being a soft-skills trainer,coach and speeker.

My mission as a trainer,speaker and coach can be defined as: “Helping people to get to use and improve their EI, for theirs and others people benefit”

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