Leadership and the different ways of using your resources intelligently

Lastly I read an article in the New York Post and on Management.nl talking about how a “harsh and direct boss” are appreciated by employees. It is true that being hard but with justice is overly appreciated by people in general, although it is not always easy to cope with. On the other hand, when being “hard” on people is not sufficiently powered with the right amount of EQ, then being “hard” for people will easily turn into people rejecting you as a leader with words like : “selfish”, “cold”, “unable to be empathic”, etc.

It is like the Chinese say about “Ying and Yang”, each virtue will become a burden when it is not supported by the opposite. Honesty in the absence of compassion becomes cruelty. Tenacity without flexibility congeals intor rigidity.Confidence untempered by humility is arrogance. 

So if we go back to our earlier example of being hard, then it should be supported with “openness” towards others.
General Patton on his way to the front, was halted by an MP on the road. His driver tried to convince the MP that with the 4 stars on the car, they should pass immediately, but the MP repeated that he needed to see the identification of the general. Patton was known for his “hard” way of dealing with things. He went over to the MP, saluted and asked:” So you want to see my id?” Patton saw that the MP was impressed by his presence, although the MP said:” Yes sir, as I may!” Patton showed him his identification and the MP said:” You are all clear to go , sir!” Then Patton congratulated the MP for his work and said he was making sure that his chief officer would hear about the fine work!
So Patton, really tuned in on the feelings of the MP. He can be hard, but he has the EQ not to rush to the MP and scare the hell out of him!

So, let’s turn over to your boss, or your style of leadership!

How well do you cope with interruptions in your work, when you are really busy?

Do you take the time to tune in at that particular moment to assess whether it is worthwhile to interrupt your work?

Be honest for yourself, in how many cases can you answer a yes to that question knowing that could add a major boost to the results of yourself as a leader and to that of your employee?
Would you like to avoid the consequences of what is described underneath and do the appropriate things?

Self-management and social management are the things you need here, the elements you learn during a training EQ.

Those capabilities that make an athlete an Olympic champion, a manager a leader.

Start with a small improvement today and inhale for 3 counts and exhale for 6 counts during a minute. It will help you to relax and to be able to respond better and more attuned to people and environment if you do that every 90 minutes as a break!

Introducing that to your life could be your next 30 days challenge!
Every day( without missing even one day) just relax every 90 minutes during 1 minute, and do that for 30  consecutive days! 
Let me know what your results are!

how to cope with a bad boss.nl

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