Month: June 2012

Inspired Leadership to the Troops on D-Day, June 6, 1944

interesting for people who want to stay focussed!

Command Performance Leadership

Today marks the 68th anniversary of D-Day — the Allied Invasion of Normandy, the largest and most complex operation of Wold War II, that helped turn the tide of the War.  More than 2,500 Allied troops made the ultimate sacrifice during the Normandy Landings to secure the freedom that we enjoy both in Europe and at home in the U.S.  I could have written a lot about D-Day and the military leadership that planned and executed the largest amphibious assault in history.  I had a lot swirling in my mind on what I could write.  But, I came across the image below of a quote from General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s D-Day message to the troops who would fight on Normandy’s beaches.  These words say much more than I could ever say here about the inspiration, courage, trust and empowerment that Eisenhower displays in his message.  Like a football coach before a big game, speaking…

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