The secret of trust

Corporate customers regularly ask me how they can immediately improve their customer service, customer awareness of their personnel.
In fact. They seek it in empathy, getting their message across , influence and so on. They usually overlook that customer relations are based on a simple 3 step process.
I have a dispute running with one of the major players in the market for delivery of electricity. The problem is that i just payed apparently way to much because of wrong data in their database. I am already struggling for months now to get my money back.

In the contacts I already had, people were rude, unable to understand the problem.I should amost say they just are not willing to understand the problem.

So how does this companie can gain my trust if they just don’t believe me?

The crucial element of this dispute lays in the fact that , knowing and liking precedes trusting.

Those 3 steps are the steps everyone, wether it is an individual or a company needs to go through.

First step is getting to know you.
How do i know the company now? As a company that does not listen to its customers and that hides herself behind rules and procedures.

Do i like the company?
Not at all! The people I had on the line are just rude! And when i see the advertising of the company, i just think they are lying!

Do i trust the company?
When they lie, how is it possible to trust them in the future!

Now what can this company do?

They could start to let me know them:
1.they could assigne me 1 resposable tfor my problem. He can get to know me!
2.they could enable their crm environment to regroup all info that already was gathered fir my problem and the people answering me could tell me what has already happened and what I could do in the future.
3.they could start to be friendly

If they could do that, do these little effords, i would even start to feel less agressive when I contact them. I am not sure I would start to like the company, but at least I would start to think they really bother about my problem

If they do that, I can start to trust them in the end!

So, if you want people to trust you, just consider these three steps:


Thanks to Jan Vermeiren who learned me this simple tool in the past

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