Negotiation skills and ei

I was in Kenya 2 weeks ago and met the hotel manager, Steve.
Actually, i saw him talking to his staff every evening before the restaurant opened.
I was asking myself what he was saying to them.So on happy hour one day at the bar, i started to talk to him, and asked him what he was talking about at those moments.

He just said it was the daily moment that he beainstormed with his crew.
He asked to each of the crewmembers what the ingridients were from a certain menu item. When the crew member could not sove the problem, he asked the other crewmembers until someone got it right.. At that moment he asks again to the first crewmember what the ingredients were.When he/ she was not able to answer, he gave the crew member the task to learn the ingridients for the next day.
Perhaps this does not sound very impressive to you, but you need to know that the crew membs are local kenians who at their best had the possibility to go to school untill they where 16. The knowlege itself is not necessary to know how to do their job and although scholarship in Kenya is quite high, a lot of people still don’t have the opportunity to go to school every day.

The reason Steven does this is because he really wants them to have the opprtunity to learn every day.
. So Steven really wants to invest in his people. It helps him to gain trust, to gain loyalty from his crewmembers.
I really have to say that the people in the restaurant where incredibely hepfull and suggested from time to time how to combine the delicious parts of the buffet.
(a result of the teaching by Steven)
A great example on how someoene intuitively does something emotionally intelligent, without having had any formal course or study on this domain and a great example of something you can do with little effort and little investment to motivate your people, to gain trust, to teach them and improve their loyalty!
For me this is true leadership of Steven!
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