Is being polite or radiating happiness something innate for Kenyan people

Moi Avenue in Mombasa

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2 weeks ago, I went for a week to Kenya and although I was warned that going to Africa could result in “being” bitten by the virus Africa. I expected something but not at all what I got.
In Mombassa, where our hotel was situated, you can really encounter real poverty and Kenya does not do any effort in hiding the poverty for the tourists. So you can freely stroll through the city and witness the poverty of people.
In Europe, when people are poor, there is a 99% chance that they are unhappy and not radiating any happiness towards the community. In Kenya on the other hand, whether people are poor, poorer or poorest, whether people are rich…they just continue in being so helpfull and gentle.
We left the last day from our hotel and one of the waiters heard that we were leaving. He  expressed his  feelings of being sad that we were leaving and brought us a present ( just a juice, but nevertheless a present!)
The beachboys that sell safaris, statues and other small art goods, remain polite even when you said “no” for the 10th time. They just say: “ok, maybe tomorrow hé” and leave you in peace.
I don’t know whether I would stay so polite and gentle if after 4 hours in a heavy sun , the 50th tourist would say to me :”no”.

I think politeness and happiness is in their genes…I hope they stay with that.

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