Using Stevia is Emotionally Intelligent

We all know we all can suffer from mood-swings.

Interestingly enough, pure sugar intensifies both the intensity and the amount of appearances of these mood-swings, due to the fact that it has this massive influence on our sugar-levels in our blood.

A high sugar level forces our system to use insulin to transfer the glucose into energy for our body. Sadly enough our system reacts too slow and therefore uses too much insulin, what results in a sugar level that is far too low, due to the high amounts of sugar you used. This overacting of our body is normal, because it just takes some time to be aware that the amount of sugar has decreased. Now this going up and down of your sugar level starts to become bigger and bigger as you use too much sugars(not natural ones).

So doing this, causes an extra stress for your immune system and we know that stress and overstretching your system is bad on the long run.
Both levels, high and low, are bad for concentration, energy and focus capabilities.

Using Stevia as an alternative for sugar is emotionally intelligent, as it does not affect in ANY way your sugar levels in your blood. Your body does not enter in this infinite cycle of high and low sugar levels.

Therefor your focus will improve, your concentration levels are higher and you will have more energy!

Just try Stevia for a while and you will see what happens!

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